Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Eesh, missed a day!

I'm sorry non-existant readers!

I was busy yesterday, and when i returned home i was far too drunk to write coherantly.

See i went to the pub then to the cinema with one of my best friends, had an epic day!

But a word of advice, Brüno is not a film to see sober.

Anyway, goings on in my life currently, not much really.
Going to see Bill Bailey on Thursday with the ex, seeing a friend on Friday before he goes to see Bill Bailey, not really got any more money to do anything else!

Finished reading the 3 books of the Inheritance Cycle, again. Roll on number 4. My predictions for the books, the vault of souls will be full of Heart of Hearts, which Eragon will find after Saphira is severely injured but not killed after a fight with Galbatorix. The final battle Murtagh will break free of his oath and Eragon and his half brother will fight and destory Galbatorix. The final dragon egg will hatch for either Roran or Ayra. Ayra and Eragon will get married, Saphira and the final egg will have little dragon babies and Lady Nasuda, Queen Islandzi, King Orik and Nar Garzhvog will all share the title of the Leader of Alagaësia. Bish bash bosh, that's book for wrapped up in 20 minutes, now why has it taken Paolini so long!

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