Thursday, 6 August 2009

Where to start?

I've done a few of these before, a few years ago, back when my mind was ignorant and confused.

So lets start with the basics. I'm male, between 18-24, live in the UK and have no aspirations.

The reason for my lack of aspiration is unknown, maybe it's because there is nothing that interests me, maybe it's because i cannot see the point in conforming into some dull profession achieving nothing that has never been achieved before. What is the point of living life if all you are going to do is the same as countless people across the world.

All i want is something, something different, something that no one has done before, something that changes the way people look at life, even if it only affects a handful of people. THAT is my aspiration, but as someone who has little skill, money or common sense, that is going to be hard to achieve.

People. That is my problem. There are little people left who do not conform to the ideals that their peers press to them, there are so many cultures all forced into one singular ideal, the "youth" - nothing to strive for except maybe a part time job in a garage for the rest of their lives, popping out kids every other year since puberty and endless violence and binge drinking. University culture of thinking that you are the most important, endless floating your ignorant ideas at the top of your voice, thinking "i went to oxford you know, daddy paid for it!". And then, the endless line of middle-aged suits mindlessly trudging down the miserable streets, sitting on the trains reading the same newspapers, driving their black faceless cars down the motorways all towards a job in which they are the tools for the rich upper class to fuel their hedge funds and pay for their daughters new pony and their 11 year old sons quad bike. Middle class families bicker over pomegranates and their sterile show-room homes, watching the 6 o'clock news and arguing that Cameron would be a better leader than Brown.

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