Friday, 7 August 2009

So i guess..

Yeah, I'm a "nerd".

I can say that i feel more at home inside, in front of a computer.

I read books, i love sci-fi and i think James May is the best Top Gear presenter.

There are certain social situations i find awkward and i've now reached the point that if i have a problem with someone i will go completely out of my way to avoid them so i don't have to have one of those horrible bitchy conversations with them.

I've lost a lot of friends this way and i'm sure i should feel a great loss towards this.. but oddly, i don't. This may be because they have now gone down a road which i would have never been comfortable with, and our friendship would have deteriorated anyway, or it may just be because they are living lives which i don't want to be part of.

See, this is where i would drift into the idea of "growing up", which in itself is a highly over-rated procedure, but no. See, i don't want to say that they've not grown up, but a group of people who 18+ still hang out in their houses with a group of friends drinking crappy beer/cider, same friends, same drinks, same nights.. over and over. Switching between girlfriends and having drama infested nights which they bind themselves into thinking were good experiences.

I don't want that anymore! It has affected me so much i'm happy if a night has been dull, but without drama i count it as a win!


And yet throughout all of this they are still stuck with the idea that without them i am lost, bored and alone.

Why, it is the complete opposite.

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